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“Stirring coffee takes only a moment, but that small plastic stirrer will last for hundreds of years.”

Would you throw away a gold ring that has not been worn for 10 years? If not, why then is it so easy to throw away a plastic spoon that has been used for only 10 minutes? I have used a ‘lost wax’ casting technique to give discarded objects a new life. Casting is a process through which wax models are immersed in plaster, the wax is then burnt out and molten metal is poured into the resulting cavity. This is a conventional casting process, but instead of using wax I have used discarded objects.An egg box, a plastic spoon, a stirrer, a mouthwash bottle, an artificial flower, a polystyrene burger box, and a stack of baking cases, reincarnated in silver, rearranged, and given a new use, ready to serve for breakfast. Rubbish with another chance of life, to be used by generations to come, with a material value that can be traded instead of thrown away.

 Materials: Silver 925 / Photo Credits: Seng Jakoon

Classy Pen

I never use the expensive pen that my father gave me; I love the lightness of plastic pens, which I regularly use to sketch away my thoughts. New Shiny Silver Cap, snaps perfectly with an old plastic pen.

Materials: Silver 925 / Photo Credits: Suratchai C.

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